Webinar Series

OSINT Collection and Data Analysis

In this 4-part course, learners will attain the competence to collect, cleanse, analyze, and visualize data through the proficient use of no-code web scraping, Excel, and Tableau, mastering the entire data lifecycle in OSINT within designated time constraints at a basic level.

Part 1 | No-Code Web Scraping for OSINT

+ This session will introduce Octoparse, a leading no-code web scraping tool, highlighting its capabilities for extracting data from websites without any programming knowledge. Learners will configure Octoparse to scrape data from a pre-selected website, focusing on collecting specific types of information useful for OSINT purposes.

Part 2 | Enhancing OSINT with Excel

Basics to Intermediate for Analysts

+ This session delves into using Excel for data analysis, covering essential skills from data cleaning and organization, to utilizing pivot tables and basic formulas, crucial for analyzing scraped data effectively. Learner will clean and analyze a dataset obtained through Octoparse, employing filters, pivot tables, and formulas to extract actionable insights.

Part 3 | Enhancing OSINT with Excel

Advanced Techniques

+ This session expands on intermediate Excel skills to explore advanced functionalities, including complex formulas, macros, and conditional formatting, aimed at enhancing data analysis capabilities for OSINT. Learners will process and analyze a more complex dataset, focusing on deriving detailed intelligence insights relevant to OSINT investigations.

Part 4 | Visualizing OSINT Insights with Tableau

+ This session introduces Tableau as a powerful visualization tool for analyzing large datasets, covering the basics of data connection, dashboard creation, and effective visualization techniques. Learners will create a Tableau dashboard using data extracted with Octoparse, demonstrating how to visualize key findings and patterns in the data.

Webinar Details

Each installment within the webinar series will be presented twice to accommodate diverse schedules and ensure accessibility for all participants. Upon checkout, you will receive a purchase receipt, and confirmation email detailing registering for your session of choice. Webinars can be purchased seperately during Step #2 of the checkout process.

Webinar Schedule

All instruction will be hosted via Zoom.

Part 1

Thursday, May 23, 2024 @ 2pm ET

Friday, May 24, 2024 @ 7pm ET

Part 2

Thursday, May 30, 2024 @ 2pm ET

Friday, May 31, 2024 @ 7pm ET

Part 3

Thursday, June 6, 2024 @ 2pm ET

Friday, June 7, 2024 @ 7pm ET

Part 4

Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 2pm ET

Friday, June 14, 2024 @ 7pm ET

All participants receive handouts on concepts and investigative techniques.

About Hg’s Webinars

Hetherington Group’s live webinars are ACFE, NASBA, SHRM, and ASIS approved for continuing professional education credits. Hg makes these webinars available for purchase after the live event; however, they are not approved for CPE credits with some associations (specifically NASBA).


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