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Foundations of OSINT

Ready to pivot into a high-demand cyber career and master the art of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Take Charge of Your Future Today!

In just 8 weeks, this self-paced online journey will arm you with critical OSINT skills for industry, corporate, and business intelligence to combat risks and threats or guide business opportunities.

Transform your potential into prowess and master the digital landscape with unparalleled expertise for $4,000!

Stand out among your peers and in the profession with newly found confidence and recognition. This course includes a voucher for the OSMOSIS Institute's Open Source Certification (OSC) Exam ($200 value).

Limited seats available!

Upcoming Cohorts

May 6, 2024


July 29, 2024

September 29, 2024

Students are accepted into the upcoming cohort upon registration. If you wish to register now and attend a later cohort, please email osintacademy@hetheringtongroup.com after you complete your purchase.

As an OSINT Academy student, you'll:

  • Develop skills through hands-on, practical coursework that will fast-track your transition to a new career in cyber

  • Learn best practices for all stages of OSINT from evidence identification to preservation

  • Connect with future employers in the public, private, educational, and government sectors

  • Develop the confidence and ability to succinctly communicate findings to audiences and executives.

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