Expert Investigations and Intelligence Services

A proactive strategy is advised to preempt damage. Our services are trusted by Fortune 500 executives, high-profile families, military, and law enforcement since 1996. As Subject Matter Experts (SME), we’ve provided insights on digital vulnerability for various organizations.

Digital Vulnerability Intelligence

Safeguarding individuals and their families by assessing their points of vulnerability online and removing their personal information that puts them at risk.

Take Control of Your Digital Security

Safety isn’t just a concern for you—it’s a priority. We understand that each individual’s digital footprint is unique, just like their life stories. With our Digital Vulnerability Intelligence service, we’re not just offering a service; we’re giving you personalized protection for the stories and memories that define you. We delve deep, beyond conventional measures, to uncover information that could potentially harm you or your loved ones. By choosing us, you’re taking control of your privacy, ensuring that your personal associations, travels, and behaviors remain yours alone. Trust in our meticulous monitoring of the digital landscape, just as many professionals do, and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. After all, the safety of your identity, finances, and emotional well-being is not just a service—it’s a promise.

Our Proven Process


We find an individual’s exposed PII including address and contact information, personal relationships and associates, locations, and login credentials across the surface, deep, and dark web. Sources searched include but are not limited to search engines, data brokers, public records, traditional and alternative social media, and breach data.

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We expertly remove as much PII as possible such as residential address, personal phone number, and email addresses for the individual and their family members residing with them. We remove from hundreds of data brokers, whitepage directories, social media platforms, and other online databases. In addition, we will help you employ privacy settings and best practices to remain risk aware and increase privacy in the future.

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We continuously monitor the family’s PII online for new exposures and remove them if found. This subscription is strongly recommended for those individuals who may be at risk for cyber criminals tracking their information, or the individual who wants to manage their identity and always be in control of their privacy.

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Whether you are looking for a one time assessment with removal, or a long term monthly or annual subscription to maintain your online privacy, Hg has a solution for you.